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5 Tech Tips To Streamline Your Business

It’s no secret that if you own or operate a business these days, you have to be online. An online presence is crucial to expanding your business’ reach and growing your customer base. There are a number of ways you can grow your online presence and streamline your day to day business operations. Below are our…
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Common Payroll Challenges For Restaurants

Restaurants have a particularly challenging time managing payroll compared to other businesses. With higher employee turnover rates, unique tax situations, and staggering amounts of checks to be processed, it’s easy to see how daunting the managing of a restaurants payroll can be. Checks Per Period and a Plan to Fit One of the more common…
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Benefits of an Online Human Resources Rep

  There are many benefits to having an HR department in house. Keeping your employees happy and your business running smoothly is at the top of the list. What if we told you that you could still maintain the same level of efficiency, employee morale, and cut back on your overhead while saving time? Sounds…
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