It’s no secret that if you own or operate a business these days, you have to be online. An online presence is crucial to expanding your business’ reach and growing your customer base. There are a number of ways you can grow your online presence and streamline your day to day business operations. Below are our 5 favorites that we use ourselves.

Utilize Online Invoicing

If you’re still doing your invoicing my mail, you might as well be chipping away on a stone tablet like Fred Flinstone. Online invoicing saves time, money, and makes tax season a breeze. There are a number of popular apps out there to track, send, and manage your invoices. Finding the one that fits your business is easy these days. We’re assuming you’ve probably heard of Quickbooks by now, right?

Build An Email List

If you have a business, we’re assuming you have customers already. It’s easy to import that list of customers into an email application and stay in touch with them. If you already have a web presence email applications are easily integrated into your current site and social profiles. We highly recommend Mail Chimp. It’s extremely easy to use and they have a ton of pre-built email templates saving you time and money. Just plug in your email and send away.

Grow Your Social Presence

No matter what business you run, you could benefit from a social media presence. While it may seem like a lot to manage, it’s actually quite easy to maintain a relationship with your customers socially with little time invested. There are a number of apps like Hootsuite and Buffer that make scheduling and sharing posts a breeze. You can integrate messaging services with email or even your phone to make sure you stay in touch with followers. If you really don’t feel like you have time, you can outsource your social media marketing for very affordable rates.

Easily Manage Your Payroll

Are you still managing your payroll in house? Get with the times and reduce your payroll costs with an online payroll company. Be sure to do your research! Beware of the “tiered” pricing plans. These companies will lure customers in with low pricing but when your business grows, and the number of payroll checks increases, they will start charging more. Be sure to check out our payroll services for the most competitive pricing on the market. We partnered with ADP’s Run system and offer a better pricing and support than their traditional retail rates.

Outsource Your Human Resources Department

Having an in house HR solution is a lot of overhead that many business can’t afford. By outsourcing your HR department, you can easily navigate the complicated world of human resources with a variety of tools. The best part is you’re working with actual HR professionals to help manage the day to day operations of your staff and business. Here at Prodigy Payroll Services, we partnered with Hr Shield to bring you the best online human resources services available to small businesses.

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